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Telehealth Physical Therapy in North Carolina

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

One good thing that happened in the wake of the COVID pandemic and quarantine is the increased availability of telehealth services. Telehealth Physical Therapy or Virtual Physical Therapy Visits are a great way to maximize your time and access to specialized therapists who can help you reach your goals.

Can Physical Therapy really be done by telehealth?

  • The job of a physical therapist is to take your description of your symptoms, obtain a thorough history, and analyze how you move, to develop a plan to help you progress toward your goals. In rare cases, hands-on assessment is needed for safety. However, in most cases, the therapist can develop a comprehensive plan based on a online video evaluation.

What conditions can you treat online?

  • We specialize in treating older adults and those with neurological conditions that impact their movement in everyday life. Often these patients are dealing with hip or knee arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, or have multiple medical conditions that are causing them to be weaker and more likely to fall.

Is Telehealth Physical Therapy covered by insurance?

  • Short answer: It Depends

  • Longer answer: Here with Move Free Physical Therapy, we are only in network with traditional Medicare part B which does cover telehealth Physical Therapy services, due to the Public Health Emergency. Other insurance companies have their own regulations, but we always have a

    • If this is important to you, ask your senator to support H.R.4040 which will extend Telehealth Coverage for Medicare through the end of 2024

Why should I choose telehealth over an office visit?

  • If there is a weeks-long wait to see a local therapist in office. Telehealth providers often have same or next-day availability

  • If you live far from a physical therapist specializing in your condition. Telehealth providers can see anyone in a state they are licensed in. At Move Free PT at Home, we can treat patients all over North Carolina

  • If you have difficulties with transportation. As long as you have a stable internet connection, and a device that can make video calls, a telehealth provider can see you where you are.

  • If you have a tight schedule. If you are a caregiver for others, have your own business, or just are chronically busy, you will save travel time and sometimes shorter telehealth sessions are just as effective as longer in office visits since you will have your therapist's full attention.

When do I need to see a physical therapist in person?

  • In our practice, we do not see patients via telehealth who cannot stand safely without the physical assistance of another person due to safety concerns. If these patients are located in our mobile therapist's radius, we will see them in-home, otherwise we can refer them to other local practitioners.

How can I get on the schedule?

  • Call: Give us a call at 919-886-4163. If you reach our voicemail, please leave us a message and we will return your call between patients.

  • Book a free consult: Click here and schedule a free phone consultation. During this consult we can help determine if telehealth is right for you, answer any insurance related questions, and schedule your appointment.

  • Email us: If you have questions, you want answered before you chat with us, send us an email at .

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