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Ask a Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Ask a Doctor of Physical Therapy

This service is for anyone who has questions related to mobility, injury, or therapy, and would like to consult with an expert. I can help you choose appropriate adaptive equipment that can help create a safe environment for you or your loved ones, determine if caregivers would be beneficial, or answer any other questions you may have, while also providing you with resources and questions to ask your medical providers.

Some of the questions I can help answer include: 

  • How can I help my parents be safe at home?

  • How can I manage my Parkinson's symptoms (in addition to medications)?

  • Do I need to see a PT for my ankle sprain?

  • Which walker or wheelchair should I get?

  • Should I go to rehab after a hospital stay?


As a physical therapist, I am a movement expert, and I specialize in helping older adults and those with neurological conditions move freely and more independently in the home and community.


You can schedule a consultation in one of the following ways:

  • Free 15-minute phone consult: If you think all the information, you are seeking can be covered in 15 minutes or less, feel free to click the "Book Now" button above and schedule a free phone consultation. This consult does not include any emailed resources and it offered as a courtesy to all potential clients.

  • Paid consultation: This can be a phone or video call and will include an email listing the resources discussed during the session. The cost is $30/15 minutes. Click Here to request a paid consultation. 

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