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Telehealth Physical Therapy

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About Telehealth Physical Therapy

Who is it for:

  • Our virtual physical therapy service is suitable for anyone in North Carolina who has an acute injury, neurological condition, balance and mobility challenges, or has recently had an orthopedic surgery (such as a knee replacement) and is able to stand from a chair, or has a caregiver who can assist during the sessions.

  • It is ideal for those who have difficulty with transportation, scheduling conflicts with caregivers, or have difficulty finding a neuro-focused physical therapist in their area, but are motivated to improve their condition.

  • It is also a great time-saving option as sessions can be shorter and even conducted via smartphone.

What is it like:

  • Our Physical therapist will meet with you via a video call on a HIPAA compliant web-platform. They will listen to your story, understand your goals, evaluate your movement, and determine an appropriate plan of care to address your goals.

  • The treatment focuses on exercises that can be done independently, and self-management education. The therapist will utilize your environment to create a safe space for you to perform exercises, even balance exercises, and your adherence to a home program is essential for success.

  • The initial evaluation may be up to 60 minutes long, and follow-up sessions are 30-60 minute sessions (sometimes shorter if you only need a quick consult or exercise update), with the therapist demonstrating all exercises and providing cues and corrections throughout.

  • A home exercise program will be provided that allows you to track your progress and communicate any challenges with your PT. 

Who is Telehealth PT for?

What is Telehealth PT like?

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