Move Free 
Physical Therapy at Home

Move Free Physical Therapy at Home provides:

  • In-home Physical Therapy and Wellness Services 

  • Educational programming and courses for injury prevention 

  • Group exercise classes to maintain mobility throughout the lifespan

What makes our services different?

  • By working one-on-one, you receive your physical therapist's undivided attention, allowing them to adjust and progress treatment to help you reach your goals faster. 

  • By working in your home, your therapy will be customized to your functional goals and environment. 

  • You can self-refer. There is no need to have a physician referral to receive Physical Therapy services (If you have Medicare, you do need to be under the care of a physician)

To learn more about our therapist, Dr. Jessica, click here

About the company:


Kim B.

Jessica and her results are nothing short of amazing! After several PT’s with little to no improvement, we have seen ENORMOUS IMPROVEMENT and progress in my husband- with Jessica’s care in a short period of time.

Andy F.

After being in pain and having to use a cane to walk for 2 months, in about 6 sessions with Dr. Jessica, I was able to rid myself of the cane and my pain is now minimal.

Shakerra P. 

She takes the time out so hear all your needs, if they're connected, she shows you ways to help. For the years of me always talked about my head being too heavy and I needing to take it off and sit to the side. She is fixed the root cause of the issue for good!!