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Move Free 
Physical Therapy at Home

Move Free Physical Therapy at Home offers:

  • Medicare Part B Covered physical therapy and wellness services in the comfort of your home in and around Durham, NC

  • Virtual physical therapy, consultation, and wellness services for those across North Carolina

  • Educational programs and courses to prevent injuries

  • Group exercise classes to sustain mobility at all life stages

What sets us apart? 

  • Our one-on-one approach ensures that you receive personalized attention from your therapist during each visit, allowing for quicker progress towards your goals.

  • Our in-home therapy is tailored to your specific needs and environment.

  • Our virtual services provide access to neurological physical therapy, even if none are nearby.

  • You can initiate therapy without a physician referral (However, if you have Medicare, physician approval is required)

To learn more about our therapist, Dr. Jessica, click here

About the company:

Testimonials of our Clients

Kim B.

Jessica and her results are nothing short of amazing! After several PT’s with little to no improvement, we have seen ENORMOUS IMPROVEMENT and progress in my husband- with Jessica’s care in a short period of time.

Jim P.

Dr Jessica is an amazing therapist who achieves outstanding results through her professionalism, compassion and personal involvement in her patients’ welfare. Our relationship has been totally positive and we unconditionally recommend her as the best available physical therapist. Absolutely top notch.

Shakerra P. 

She takes the time out so hear all your needs, if they're connected, she shows you ways to help. For the years of me always talked about my head being too heavy and I needing to take it off and sit to the side. She is fixed the root cause of the issue for good!! 

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