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FAQ and Other Resources

We’ve taken some of the questions we get asked most frequently about our physical therapy and telehealth services and put them in one place. If you have any other questions that we may have missed, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

  • Will you be able to help me without the fancy equipment found in normal PT clinics?
    Short answer: in the vast majority of case, yes. Longer answer: Our therapists are equipped with portable treatment tables, resistance bands, weights, and a variety of other tools that they can bring with them to supplement what you already have. This allows them to treat almost anything in the comfort of your home. However in the rare instances where you would be better served in a clinic-type environment, we can provide you with a referral to an appropriate clinic.
  • Do I need to have exercise equipment at my home for PT?
    No. All you need to start Physical Therapy at home is space for a massage table, and clothes you're comfortable moving around in. As you progress, you may choose to puchase some items for home use, but this is not required. The therapist will bring all the needed equipment.
  • Do you take my insurance?
    -We are only in-network with Traditional Medicare B -For all other clients, we require payment at time of service. Upon request, we can provide you the documentation needed for you to submit a claim for possible reimbursement through your OON insurance benefits. -Prices vary depending on service and time needed. Please see our document here for more information or contact us at 919-886-4163 or with any specific questions.
  • Why don't you take insurance?
    Over time, insurance companies have become more and more stringent with their requirements for clinicians, and what insurance will pay for therapy has consistently been cut over recent years. Due to this, most practices that take commercial insurance are forced to see 2 or more patients simultaneously in order to stay afloat. Because our goal is to provide you with the highest level of individualized care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, we made the decision to stay out of network with most insurance providers. The only exception to this is for Medicare recipients. We will provide an itimized receipt upon request, that you may submit toward possible OON benefits to your insurance provider.
  • Do I need a referral?
    No. In the state of North Carolina, you do not need a physican referral to see a physical therapist, and your physician cannot require you to use any specific clinc for physical therapy services. However, if you are a Medicare recipent, we will need to have your therapy plan of care signed by one of your physicians in order to bill Medicare.
  • Tell me about your business name?
    We chose "Move Free" Physical Therapy for several reasons. First, we believe our goal as clinicians and movement specialists is to help you be "free to move" in ways that bring you joy. From running or dancing, to playing with your grandchildren, your goals are important to us. Our logo is a butterfly, this represents both freedom, and transformation. We hope to help you transform into a better version of you where you are able to move freely.
  • How will I know if physical therapy is helping me?
    Chronic conditions generally take longer to heal than acute conditions, but generally speaking, you will notice some change in your symptoms in 2-3 visits, this could be decreased pain, improvements in your function, or improved confidence in your mobility. These improvements are just the beginning of helping your reach your full potential.
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