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Here are 3 ways to get active outdoors this fall!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

1. Gardening

Although your summer vegetable garden may be almost done, if you're in the south, it's not too late to plant some fall and winter veggies. Leafy greens and coniferous vegetables handle the cool weather well, check your local garden center to see what's available. It's also a great time of year to plant some perennial shrubs, so if you're looking to add that blueberry bush or new azalea to your oasis, break out the shovel and get digging!

2. Yard Clean-up and games

At this time of year, you may be ready to do the last mow of the year and get ready for the leaves (and pinecones, and needles) to fall. Raking the leaves not only makes your yard more beautiful, but it burns quite a few calories as well. And once the yard is cleared, it's a perfect place to play a game with family (like cornhole, soccer, or flag football)

3. Go on a walk or hike

Depending on where you live and your abilities, this can be the best time of year to go explore nature with your family and friends. You can explore in your neighborhood and beyond. Up to the mountains and take a hike to enjoy the leaves as they change color, or down to the beach when it's a little less crowded, and if you prefer the paved paths a bit closer to home, you can find a greenway or rail-to trail near you.

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