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Looking for help with regaining your mobility? Connect with Doctor Jessica Therapy, today!


My name is Jessica Tomkoski, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I specialize in rehabilitation for Neurological and Geriatric conditions. 


I provide physical therapy and wellness services to my patients in their own homes and through telehealth. 

I am passionate about assisting adults in maintaining their activity levels and independence as they age, allowing them to continue moving freely and engaging in their community.

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  • Neurological Physical Therapy
    • Parkinson's Disease​
    • Rehab after Stroke 

    • Vestibular Rehab

    • Multiple Sclerosis

    • Other Chronic Neurological Conditions

  • Geriatric Physical Therapy

    • Balance Therapy for Fall Prevention​

    • Joint Replacement Physical Therapy

    • Geriatric wellness programming

    • Home Safety Assessment

  • Wellness Services

    • Personalized Exercise Training

    • Group Fitness for Parkinson's 

    • Arthritis Walking Programs

    • Educational talks on topics such as: Falls Prevention and Exercise for Parkinsons


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