Telehealth Physical Therapy

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About Telehealth Physical Therapy

Who is it for:

  • Anyone in North Carolina with an acute injury, neurological condition, balance and mobility challenges, or orthopedic surgery (like a knee replacement) who is able to stand from a chair, or who has a caregiver who can help facilitate the sessions

  • This is excellent who have a hard time with transportation, caregiver scheduling, or finding a neuro-focused PT in their area and are motivated to improve. 

  • This is also a great time-saving option as sessions can be shorter and even conducted via smartphone!

What is it like:

  • Our Physical therapist meets with you via video call on a HIPAA compliant web-platform to listen to your story, your goals, evaluate your movement, and determine an appropriate plan of care to address your goals. 

  • Treatment is focused more on exercises that can be done independently and self-management education. We will utilize your environment to create a safe space to perform the exercises (even balance exercises), and your adherence to a home program is vital for success.   

  • The evaluation may be up to 60 minutes long, and follow ups are 30-60 minute sessions (sometimes shorter if you just need a quick consult/exercise update) with the PT demonstrating all exercises, and providing cues and corrections throughout.